October 20th - 29th 2006 - Saffrona Eveningwear, Resortwear and MEWV Knitwear to participate in Portland Fall Fashion Week 2006.

August 2006 - Saffrona Urban Metallics and MEWV Knitwear to participate in the Needle and Thread Shameless Self-Promotion Fashion Show a Benefit for the SPCA

8 May 2006 - Saffrona and MEWV Knitwear, as part of the FOUR ALL SEASONS Fashion show, was reviewed by Marjorie Skinner of the Portland MERCURY Newpaper in their Blog Town PDX section.

"The show at the Art Museum was also a benefit, for the Ronald McDonald House...

Those are both Saffrona, easily the standout of the designers that were shown. ... I also liked the simple sporty pieces from Carouselle, and the kimono-inspired dresses from MEWV, as well as the tidier moments (such as an extremely ladylike pink jacket) from The Cat Haus..."

7 May 2006 - FOUR ALL SEASONS Fashion Show:

Saffrona Eveningwear and MEWV Knitwear debut new lines at the Four All Seasons Fashion Show.

A fashion show encouraging donations for The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and SW Washington.

31 December 2005 - NEW YEARS GROOVE Fashion Show @ PALA Fashion Lounge

Saffrona Eveningwear debuts the new Carousel line including the very first wedding dress.

8 - 16 September 2005 - Portland Fall Fashion Week 2005

Saffrona and Semper Fashion present the Portland Fall Fashion Week 2005 with 10 shows over an 8 day period. The largest fashion extravaganza to hit the Portland scene.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Portland Fashion Week
"Like New York, our very own Portland is in the midst of its own Fashion Week. Sure, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are not strutting down the Portland runway - we have something more unique and local! Several of the best Portland original clothing and accessories designers will be putting their best fashion foot forward during Portland’s Fashion Week.

Local designers Saffrona, Wema, Rocket, Tres Savvy, and Nora Catherine are just a few of the names on this year’s list. It’s also a chance to admire some of the beautiful, up-and-coming models getting their start in Portland...".

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16 August 2005 - Butters Gallery Shoot

Butters Gallery hosts the advertising photoshoot for the Portland Fall Fashion Week 2005 featuring Saffrona Eveningwear Gowns.

15 July 2005 - Saffrona co-hosts the Semper Fashion show "Bikinis, Martinis & a Whole Lot More" at the Greek Cuisine Grand Ballroom in Downtown Portland. Saffrona will show the 2005 - 2006 Resort Season Bikinis and Resortwear. Designers also participating in the show are Adrianna by Michelle, AnaBelle, Crazy Coconut Creations, Carolyn Claire Mitchell, Diego, DoubleCross Belt Co., Flood Clothing, Naomi Raquel, Sissy Wussy La La Girl, Sizzle, and Louise Jeans.

17 June 2005 - Saffrona Eveningwear started shooting Silk and Knit Gowns on a 61' Yacht for sale by Sundance Yacht Sales, stopping boating traffic on the South side of Hayden Island for a couple of hours. Marie Saturn of Saturn Studios acted as the lead photographer with Stacy of Photos by Stacy, and Eric Christensen of CShoresTech as backup, Madeline Roosevelt was the make-up artist for the shoot, and Nicole Black created hair styles. Modeling for the shoot were Saron Nehf, Tu, Blanca Blanco, Allyson Strowbridge, Autumn Marshall, Evonne De La Fuente, and Kristina Bayer.

31 May 2005 - Saffrona Eveningwear, as part of the FashionPaloozazaza show, is featured in the Oregon Considered show's story "Oregon is Becoming Fashionable" with multiple photographs posted on their website. See: OPB Oregon Considered

FashionPaloozazaza 2005:

14 May 2005 - Saffrona Eveningwear debuts its first Silk Dresses at the 2005 Fashionpaloozazaza Show.

Portland's KPTV - FOX 12 Good Day Oregon:

13 May 2005 - Good Day Oregon interviews Head Designer of Saffrona Eveningwear and Shows a sample of the gowns to be featured during Fashionpaloozazaza 2005.

Semper Fashion's - Rock 'N' Roll Fashion Show:

12 November 2004 - Saffrona Eveningwear debuts its first Knit Dress as part of the Saffrona Swimwear Line in the Semper Fashion Rock and Roll Fashion Show.

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